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About Deviant Dolores.G.ThielFemale/United States Group :iconsmeargles-oekaki: Smeargles-Oekaki
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I tend to draw groups of images and then go onto different creations. Photography is often posted in four parts while drawings can be five or more of birds, rats, fish, insects or test animals. The new Chanimphs will possibly be one in between the rest, unless I go Chenille Crazy and make four in a weekend. The top 4 are just what I can get right now, but I hope to subscribe soon and show most of my newer drawings in this feature. Till then, I must advise I always post more then four at a sitting so please check the gallery often when I post. Thank you for looking and enjoying what my art has to offer you.

Also, Comments, Critiques, Red lines and tips are welcome and greatly appreciated, but keep in mind most of the images are finished and the Input will be put to another drawing or photo later in time.

Random Favourites

As some could guess many of my favorites are from my friends and Idols. Most loved people are Claire and Paul Atkinson. But I also have aquantances that are lovely in art and great open minded artists. Please check them out; If not to know more about what I like, check them out to know what we stand for as true artisians of the natural world.




United States
Current Residence: A corner of a house in indiana covered by lush american forests, Dare I say protected?
deviantWEAR sizing preference: I love how M feels lately
Print preference: 11X14 or smaller
Favourite genre of music: Celtic, calming..
Favourite photographer: Paul S. Atkinson
Favourite style of art: Impressionism, Realism
Operating System: GIMP. Coral Painter, Phidias and Oekaki
MP3 player of choice: My Dslite game systum.
Shell of choice: Olive XP
Wallpaper of choice: Nature
Skin of choice: Olive
Favourite cartoon character: Yue of Cardcapters
Personal Quote: We're not artistians or Photographers, in the end we're more or less recorders of time.

Journal History

  • Listening to: My animals and the birdies
  • Reading: You silly =3
  • Watching: The lighting bugs, this is my FAVORITE season <
  • Playing: Subeta! Thank you Kelly!
  • Eating: Nothing yet, thinking of Mint icecream for dinner,
  • Drinking: Tention Tamer Tea... Ahh the pain just goes away..
And I was about to update you guys from my last post here.. =P

And I got tagged by :iconauroradesilva:.

1. Post these rules.
2. Each tagged person must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3. At the end, you have to choose and tag 10 people and post their icons on the same journal.
4. Go to their pages and send a message saying you tagged them.
5. No tag-backs.
I will tag these people.:iconthunder-equus: :iconkurui: :icone-pona: :iconarrigumdrop: :iconwhitechariot: :iconrevack: :iconsapphyremoonlyte: :iconchrizesu: :iconhighlighterjuice: :iconinkfang:

1. I'm a Pagan that's able to use lv1 Raike, basically the real version of "heal" from FF7. Making me a real life white witch..

2. I have a leaders disposition, love to be someone who people look to for answers and protection.

3. I'm a plant hoarder, can't have enough of em. But then forget sometimes and X_X goes the plant... That's the good part about spring, leave nature do it's stuff.. In Winter, I have my hands FULL!

4. I started learning how to draw by being one of those Tracing freaks.. I stole others artwork by tracing it and calling it my own.. Obviously I don't do that anymore.. But yeah, biggest darkest secret!.... Surprised?

5. I've always been a Racist against humans.. Though I don't go crazy for furries either... But I believe I'm a animal and fully accept it.. We all are, if your a human that thinks we're different then animals.. Don't friend me.. Cause once I find out that's the end of you and me meaning "We". So yeah.....O_O; Pick me as a friend very carefully, for your own good ^^;.

6. I've always showered in boiling or scolding hot water as a test of my meditative state... After the last few times at the doc for a checkup I've found my average body temperature is their " Medium fever" Meaning I'm always above the normal persons body heat..

7. Outside of donations to save nature and "needing" to pay bills... Money and items mean NOTHING to me.. The only reason I even have a computer is to sell drawings to donate for nature conservation. And the only reason I pay bills is because my animals can't imagine and even freak on the thought of living outside.. If I was alone, I'd be a Indiana dunes hermit, living my days on the Michigan beach eating Pine nuts and drinking right from the freshest water around! But my animals really needs someone to care for them and not just put them with the others and forget about their individual personalities and needs.

8. I can talk on and on and on about nature, protection animals.. Heck look at #7!.. But if it has to do with anything other then them and giving people advise or hearing them out and speaking my opinion.... I don't even wanna talk with people o~o.....I just... To be honest outside of my mom, my oekaki crush, my idols in artwork and those who are kind to nature and show it's good side to better us all, My BF and my ex...(sometimes my siblings)... I HATE people! Even before this oil spill almost 80% of the people I've met are Jerks or animal/ nature killers.. They figure " if I didn't do it with my own hands, I'm not to blame" Then eat a turkey sammich out of a bird that was possibly gutted alive! ya'll make me sick! X_X!!!!!!!

sorry for the rant.. But this is all leading to #8 meaning I act bipolar in front of people NOT my family and friends, or at people I don't like that day =P. This sometimes includes my family and makes them think I'm really Bipolar, but it's just to show them how wrong I think they can be some days... Especially calling me a stupid ass bitch when the next day that same Bro/sis says that I surprise them with how smart I can be.. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!!!XD

9. I'm a weather freak!!! I LOVE watching a storm being born and die, and though I have a phobia of storms and Tornadoes.. I love getting sickening close to them both.. Almost Drool over a hail storm but scream and run from tornadoes XD rOFL! I think it's that adrenalin that people bungee jump for... I never feel more alive then after we've been dinged around by a Indiana Down-burst!

10. Obviously a Tree hugging 21st century Hippie.. And freakin' proud of it 8D!! But did you know I've gone as far as punching and slapping a friendly landscaper's lawn mower when he mows our grass for free and hits the dear fescue?
Or how about when our city was putting in new pluming and tore down a bunch of our forest's trees; did you know I jumped in front of and if it wasn't for my mom pulling me back, almost kicked a moving Bull dozer and actually called him a M-f'in asshole?
Later that same day I was in my room with a Branch and threw it out the window at the digging contractor next to our apple tree, then ducked back behind my curtains =P..Still hope I hit him XD.
The next day they nailed a red tag onto my #1 Maple tree, I grabbed a rope and if it wasn't for my mom asking them not to cut it down, I was about to climb it and call off work for it?

Note to Deviants: Don't come to our place like it's someones house, approach it like you would a nature reserve.. Unless a plant is handed to you.. Take nothing but pictures and leave nothing but footprints in the MARKED areas of our yard. Or you'll be kicked in the jewels/ vehicle or tools busted, and/or cussed at( depends on what you did) and dragged right back out =P... I take our forest VERY seriously.. Like a overprotective mom who just found their child's porno file XD. Always ALWAYS remember that! To many people have come and found that out the hard way....

And that is my dirty and crazy secrets.. You a Christian that believes witches are nothing but bad, let me show you the friendly witch which has inspired many novels and games. Your a human that think we're not just mammals like a rat or a dear, turn away now O.o.. You think I started as a perfectly honest artists like I am now... Remember almost every artist begins as a thief... And WATERMARK your pictures.

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